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What We'll Do

Are you or your child interested in starting the piano from scratch? Or do you want to take piano skills to the next level? I would love to help you accomplish these goals!

I teach piano out of my home in Milan, Michigan, on my grandmother’s beautiful baby grand piano. She was my piano teacher for 15 years (she was an amazing teacher in the Detroit area for many years!) I have created a safe and welcoming environment in my front room to provide students with a peaceful and cheerful space to learn.

I have three simple objectives for my students:

  1. 1. To love music.
  2. 2. To love the piano and understand and master techniques and theory.
  3. 3. To have fun learning these techniques and skills!

I teach out of the Bastien Piano series as well as some supplement books (fun and popular songs!) All are available on Amazon. I teach 30 minute lessons at $25 each. I teach in four sessions per year (fall, winter, spring and summer). Students usually participate session to session, but I only ask for financial commitment to one session at a time.

At this time, I do not run recitals or performances. I want my students to love learning how to play this beautiful instrument to the best of their ability without the stress of performing for others.


Who I Am

I have been teaching students of all experience levels to learn how to love and master playing piano for over 20 years!

I have an education degree from Eastern Michigan University, where I also played in the Marching Band and was EMU’s first female Drum Major!

I taught fourth grade for four years before becoming a piano teacher, a job I love with all my heart.

I am a wife and a mom of three amazing kids and a golden retriever named Zoe! I love to read, watch movies, knit, bake, and play Beat Saber! I also enjoy singing and playing the keyboard in church bands. I also love hanging out with family and friends and playing games!


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